Shaping Your Future Together

The Lighter Way of Being

Whether in your professional or personal life, we all have areas where we yearn for change.

In coaching, we focus on your present, future, and life’s challenges, no matter how big or small.

In our first, free-of-charge conversation, we explore your concerns together and define your goals. The heart of coaching is your needs, values, and aspirations.

My unique approach combines coaching strategies with my psychotherapeutic knowledge and skills. I help you gain clarity and develop paths to navigate your life in an authentic and purposeful way.

Coaching, Psychotherapy, or Both?

Both coaching and psychotherapy can foster your personal growth, but they serve different needs.

Psychotherapy primarily addresses diagnosable mental disorders such as depression or anxiety. It delves into past experiences, emotional traumas, and behavioral patterns to understand and manage current issues. 

Coaching, on the other hand, focuses on the here and now, setting and achieving personal or professional goals. During our joint coaching journey, you will benefit from my therapeutic perspective and knowledge, offering an approach tailored specifically to you.

Ultimately, the choice between coaching, psychotherapy, or a combination of both is yours – let’s find out what works best for you.

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How I can help

Career Transitions & Work-Life Balance

Tackling career shifts and maintaining work-life balance can be challenging. Coaching provides tools to handle transitions smoothly and maintain a healthy balance, aligning career decisions with your personal values and life goals.

Stress Management

Effectively managing stress is crucial for maintaining a balanced life. Coaching can teach you techniques to handle life's challenges with grace and resilience, fostering a healthier mindset.

Conflict & Challenging Relationships

Navigating conflict and maintaining strong connections can be difficult. Coaching can teach you effective communication strategies to resolve issues and strengthen even the most challenging relationships.

Boundaries & Assertiveness

Establishing healthy boundaries is vital for fostering relationships built on respect and understanding. Coaching can help you assert your needs with confidence and develop mutually fulfilling connections.

Finding Greater Purpose & Meaning in Life

Uncovering your true purpose can ignite passion and direction. Coaching can help you explore your life's meaning, resonating deeply within you and guiding you towards a fulfilling path.

Self-Worth & Shame

Shame can erode your self-worth, impacting your confidence and authenticity. Coaching can help you overcome shame, build a strong foundation of self-worth, and empower you to live your best life.

Self-Compassion & Self-Acceptance

Developing a compassionate relationship with yourself is essential for growth and resilience. Coaching can help you embrace self-acceptance, fostering a nurturing connection with yourself.

Loneliness & Isolation

Feeling disconnected and alone can be overwhelming, leaving you longing for meaningful connections. Coaching can help you overcome barriers to forming relationships and foster a sense of belonging.

High Achievers & Perfectionism

The pursuit of unattainable perfection can be exhausting and unfulfilling. Coaching can guide you towards self-acceptance and balance, embracing your authentic, unique self and fostering personal growth.